Surah Al Fajr

Surah Al-Fajr, meaning “The Break of Day” or “The Dawn,” is the 89th chapter of the Quran. It’s a beautiful and powerful surah found towards the end in the 30th juz (part) of the Quran. With only 30 short verses, it packs a big message about hope, justice, and the importance of good deeds.

The surah starts with a series of oaths. Allah (SWT) swears by the dawn, the ten nights (possibly referring to the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, a holy month in Islam), and the Even and the Odd (possibly referring to day and night). These oaths emphasize the importance of the message that follows.


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Here are some reasons why reading Surah Al-Fajr can be beneficial.

  • Strengthens Faith: It reminds us of Allah’s (SWT) power and justice.
  • Motivation for Good Deeds: Knowing good deeds are rewarded encourages us to be kind and helpful.
  • Hope for the Future: It brings comfort by reminding us of the blessings of Paradise for the righteous.

Remember, just like the dawn brings light after darkness, Surah Al-Fajr offers a message of hope and a reminder to strive for good deeds.

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